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April 12 2009


Rhino on Android

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March 30 2009

6733 10bf
SimplyNoise is a white, pink, and brown noise generator in the form of a web page.
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February 18 2009


Array/List comprehensions

When you read the great book "Programming Erlang" from Joe Armstrong
there is a chapter about Mnesia. Mnesia is a distributed, soft real-time database
management system written in the Erlang and included in the Erlang distribution.
One great thing, when you looking at the Mnesia queries, it is not SQL or a new exotic own query language.
No, It is pure Erlang and called list comprehension. You have to know only Erlang!

qlc:q([X#shop.item || X <- mnesia:table(shop),
                                         X#shop.quantity < 250,
                                         Y <- mnesia:table(cost),
                                         X#shop.item =:= Y#cost.name,
                                         Y#cost.price < 2
%% SQL equivalent
%% SELECT shop.item, shop.quantity, cost.name, cost.price
%% FROM shop, cost
%% WHERE shop.item = cost.name
%%   AND cost.price < 2
%%   AND shop.quantity < 2

A list comprehension is a syntactic construct for creating a list based on existing lists.
It can be implemented  using map and filter too. But list compressions provide you a  simpler to use and more natural syntax.
Today, I realized that the same feature is already included in Javascript since version 1.7.
What a shame ! :)
It called array comprehensions but works similar like list comprehension in Erlang.
Here the equivalent full javascript code:

<script type="application/javascript;version=1.7">
var shop_table = [
    {item:"apple", quantity: 20, cost:2.3},
    {item:"orange", quantity: 100, cost:3.8},
    {item:"pear", quantity: 200, cost:3.6},
    {item:"banana", quantity: 420, cost:4.5},   
    {item:"potato", quantity: 2456, cost:1.2}
var cost_table = [
    {name: "apple", price: 1.5},
    {name: "orange", price: 2.4},
    {name: "pear", price: 2.2},
    {name: "banana", price: 1.5},
    {name: "potato", price: 0.6}

var items = [s.item for each (s in shop_table)
        for each (c in cost_table)
        if (s.quantity < 250 && s.item==c.name && c.price<2)                               
// Result: ["apple"]

[1] https://developer.mozilla.org/en/New_in_JavaScript_1.7#Array_comprehensions
[2] http://ecmascript4.com/doc/arraycomprehensions
[3] http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Erlang_Programming/List_Comprehensions
[4] http://www.scribd.com/doc/103818/MNESIA-Database-Management-System
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February 06 2009

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Lecture about Z3 at Deutsches Museum

A funny Guide explains the Functions of the Z3 and tells some stories about Conrad Zuse:

"Die Zuse-Firma bestand aus ihm selber, der Chef, dann ein vorbestrafter Buchhalter, ein blinder Mathelehrer - der hat die Filme gelocht… ja, der hat das Tag und Nacht gemacht - das war dem auch wurscht, ob’s Tag oder Nacht war. Und dann kam noch ein Konstrukteur aus einer Nervenheilanstalt. Was sehen wir an der Story? In der Branche waren immer schon die abgefahrensten Typen!"
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January 20 2009


January 07 2009


December 10 2008


December 03 2008

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November 25 2008


November 21 2008


November 18 2008


Girl with a perl earring

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November 16 2008

visible sound
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November 15 2008


Higher-order shell

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October 28 2008

Video Tutorial To Start Developing Web Applications on Erlang

October 27 2008

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